Twin Falls High School

Athletic Season Pass Guidelines

Thank you for purchasing a TFHS Athletics Season Pass.  The athletic season pass is a convenient way to attend athletic events at Twin Falls HS while saving money throughout the school year.

Please be aware of and follow the use procedures listed below:

Purchasing Procedure

  • All Season Passes should be purchased from the Athletic Secretary, Mrs. Rierson in the front office at TFHS
  • Photo is required to purchase a season pass (this can be emailed riersonla@tfsd.org or taken by Mrs. Rierson)
  • Checks are payable to TFHS

Pass Use Procedure

  • At all TFHS athletic events; please enter through the “pass gate”
  • Please give the worker at the gate your name (keep in mind, the person at the gate may not know you)
  • The person at the gate will check the pass book and allow your entrance into the event
  • If you plan to leave and then return to the same event, make sure to get a stamp for re-entrance

Miscellaneous Information

  • Only immediate family members living in the primary card holder household are eligible for the family pass
  • All family members are required to have a picture in the pass book
  • Sr. passes are valid at all TFSD events at both middle schools and both high schools
  • TFSD employees are admitted, plus 1, with their employee ID badge

Season Pass Prices

2018-2019 School Year

 Fall/Winter/Spring Seasons – August 15-May 31

** Family Pass (immediate family living in home)               $ 225.00
** Adult Pass                                                                             $ 110.00
** Senior Citizen                                                                        $ 60.00
**Middle School Student                                                         $ 20.00


Winter/Spring Seasons – November 1-May 31

** Family Pass                                                                            $ 150.00
** Adult Pass                                                                               $ 75.00
** Senior Citizen                                                                          $ 40.00

Spring Season – March 1-May 31

** Family Pass                                                                             $ 75.00
** Adult Pass                                                                                $ 40.00
** Senior Citizen                                                                           $ 20.00


***Please note that ALL PASSES are not valid for District or State games***